Kayleen Allen - Managing Director

Kayleen is a Business and Executive Coach and a tourism industry consultant with over 30 years experience. 

Her experience encompasses marketing and general management in various sectors including retail travel, aviation, Regional and State tourism and has owned and operated her own consultancy business, Tourism Gems since 2010

Kayleen held the position of Director (Marketing and Product Development) for Tourism Queensland (now Tourism Events Queensland TEQ) for 10 years and was responsible for the development of numerous Destination Management and Marketing Strategies for destinations such as Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Whitsundays, Fraser Coast, Bundaberg, Outback and Central Queensland.  

During her time with TEQ Kayleen was privileged to have worked on several global marketing initiatives including Best Job in the World, Million Dollar Memo and the Best Expedition in the World. For six years, Kayleen was the General Manager of Marketing and Special Events for Townsville Enterprise, the official Regional Tourism Authority for North Queensland. 

Aviation is another passion of Kayleen's who worked for East West Airlines in the 80's and was both Cairns Manager and later took up the position of Victorian Manager.  

As the Managing Director of Tourism Gems, Kayleen and her team have worked for individual operators, regional and state tourism authorities and government agencies both nationally and internationally.  Kayleen has been involved in the State and Australian Tourism Awards for over 20 years, winning her first National Award in 1997.  Kayleen has served as both a State and National judge. 

Kayleen is also a 6th year Mentor under the QTIC (Queensland Tourism Industry Council) Young Mentoring Programme.  Kayleen has held board positions with Gold Coast Indy, Queensland Masters Games and Mackay Tourism and holds formal credentials in Training and Assessment and is a qualified Business and Personal Success Coach.

Clients include:

    • Queensland Tourism and Industry Council (QTIC) 
    • Tourism Events Queensland
    • Queensland National Parks
    • Department of Tourism (State Government)
    • Enterprise Connect (Federal Government)
    • Fun Over Fifty
    • Tourism Tropical North Queensland 
    • Townsville Enterprise
    • Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd  (GAPDL) 
    • Gold Coast City Council
    • Surfers Paradise Alliance
    • Cooly Rocks On (Event)
    • PNG Promotional Tourism Authority
    • East New Britain Provincial Administration  
    • GTI Tourism 
    • Brisbane Airport Corporation
    • Individuals tourism businesses throughout Australia:  Over 250 business reviews have been conducted nationally/internationally.