“I was fortunate enough to have met Kayleen through mutual business interests, and with the help of the Small Business Entrepreneurs Grant Programme, I was able to have her as my Business Coach for a year.  This came at a very important time for me as I was transitioning from one style of business to another, and I really did need some outside assistance. Kayleen was able to help on a variety of levels, from the physical issues within the business, making suggestions and implementations to make processes easier and more efficient, through to working with me on my mindset and personal restraints to overcome a lot of negativity.  One of the reasons I found Kayleen so invaluable was her knowledge of the tourism sector, which made it far easier to explain my business.  Since working with Kayleen, I have discovered my niche and am working towards creating and developing that niche further.  I have also realised my own strengths and weaknesses which have made me understand myself and my role in the business, and Kayleen helped with that incredibly.  I would absolutely recommend Kayleen and am looking forward to working with her again.” Mandi Forrester-Jones, Owner, Viva Destination Weddings & Travel, Brisbane

"Our small family operated business grew very quickly, and we were struggling to keep up the paperwork especially with management concerns, key weaknesses, procedure manuals and up to date policies. We knew we had to get a handle on this side of the business, so we decided to search for the right business coach to help us gain back control. We were looking for someone with a particular skillset, but they also needed advanced knowledge of the tourism industry.  Kayleen Allen had been mentioned to us a few times from other satisfied clients so we did some research and had an initial phone meeting.  We felt instant relief that we had chosen the right coach to provide an objective view of our business and offer us solutions to our problems.  Kayleen spent days with our management team and provided analysis of our business and what we needed to work on. She left our team feeling empowered and stronger in their roles and duties. The benefit to organising our management team was that my husband and I have less emails to address and a more efficient business structure to work from.   Kayleen was an absolutely dream to work with and we will be using her for other projects in the future.  I highly recommend any small business investing time with Kayleen even if it’s just an initial phone call to see if she can help. Choosing the right business coach is the first step and for Red Cat Adventures it was a perfect match.  Kayleen is extremely professional at all times, has a wonderful warm attitude and brings buckets of experience and knowledge of the tourism industry. She has a fantastic ability to pull information from you and turn it into something positive.  We thoroughly enjoyed receiving her feedback and are currently working on all her suggestions on how to improve our business.” 

Julie Telford, Co-Owner, Red Cat Adventures, Whitsundays, June 2018

Kayleen was engaged by QTIC under the Tourism Demand Driving Infrastructure development program to facilitate the Queensland Tourism Awards (QTA) Master Class in 2017. The program was a half-day workshop to support QTA nominees through the process of writing a successful tourism award. This included providing information on the submissions process, tips and tricks for responding to the criteria and support in how to plan for and submit their submissions. Essentially the QTA process requires businesses to review their internal practices and showcase their quality business management practices.  Kayleen had exceptional success in her masterclasses. Over 100 participants were involved in the masterclasses across seven regions throughout the state. Post-workshop surveys indicate a 100% satisfaction rate in the quality and delivery of the workshops. Furthermore, 15 of the 30 Gold Tourism Awards were awarded to participants of the masterclass, emphasising the quality of the program delivered by Kayleen.”   

Katie Driml, QTIC

 “Hiring Kayleen from Tourism Gems is without doubt the best decision I have made.  Kayleen has given me invaluable advice both in business and on work/family balance. I find her approach to coaching has taken all of my goals in life into account which has helped me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my business. I now feel in control of my business and family life. Kayleen has worked with me and my team to develop a strategic business plan, marketing plan and a comprehensive policy and proceedures manual. This approach gives me confidence and ensures my staff are also aware of the importance of the Fun Over Fifty brand and its commitment to excellence across all touch points of my business.  I have continued to engage Kayleen on an ongoing basis, as our monthly catch-ups and the regular staff training she conducts ensures that as a business we stay on track to deliver an outstanding product. I would highly recommend Kayleen as a professional and dynamic Business Coach.”  

Toni Brennan, Owner & CEO, Fun Over Fifty  

"After dealing with a catastrophic event with our business at the same time my ‘Action man’ husband ending up in hospital from a serious water skiing accident… I literally, Crashed and burned’ …. I have known Kayleen over the years due to the many seminars we had been involved in, and always loved her style and flair for our industry, her passion resonates right through you. From the initial consultation with Kayleen, I felt complete relief in knowing that I had found a mentor who completely understood where I was coming from and ‘Just had my back!’…. Kayleen’s attention to detail in key areas that I needed help in were brilliant – she didn’t solve the problem for me, she gave ME the tools to do that…So, in future I can continue on with this…We have a successful business, however our priorities became blurred as there were so many areas to pay attention to immediately….Kayleen gave us endless hours during an intense one week session, it felt like someone had turned a fire hose on full bore at me, with the information we were delivered, however, by the end of this session Kayleen gave us direction again, procedures (that she held us accountable for) and the relief of feeling like we could take on the world again…Invaluable… Thank you"   

Toni Ward, Co-owner, Whitsunday Jetski, Airlie Beach


“We have been fortunate enough to work intermittently with Kayleen as a business mentee for over five years. During this period, she has coached us on everything from 'big picture' business issues such as strategy and fundamental frameworks to tactical level challenges such as specific projects and day-to-day business matters.  Ultimately, no matter what the issue, Kayleen has always known what we need to do to resolve it. Having an incredible breadth of business knowledge and experience up her sleeve, she can draw on multiple perspectives to identify the specific solution that's most relevant to any given situation, business or person. Having said that, she doesn't just hand it to you on a silver platter. Kayleen puts you through your analytical paces so you have to develop your critical thinking skills and become a more confident and decisive business leader. Her practical approach also ensures that, at the end of each coaching session, we are left with clear action steps to drive our business forward.  Beyond being incredibly insightful and logical when it comes to business, Kayleen also offers strong soft skills. She's incredibly supportive and optimistic, offering a compassionate ear and confidence boost when it's needed. Having said that, she will kindly call you out on your excuses when you need some tough love. This experience is always uplifting because you know Kayleen only wants to help you succeed - she genuinely cares about her mentees and sees their potential, even when they can't see it themselves. Being such a natural people person, Kayleen has also developed a comprehensive network of friends across many different business sectors. She's a born 'connector', who is always happy to introduce her mentees to the right people who can help take their business to the next level.   Over the years, Kayleen had become our 'go-to' business mentor and confidant. We always know a conversation with Kayleen will leave us feeling empowered, amped and focused. She's definitely someone you want to know and work with if you're starting out in business. If you have Kayleen in your life, you know she will be with you for life, cheering you on every step of the way.”  

Sophee Southall, Co-Owner, Best Life Adventures


“To whom it may concern Kayleen Allen was highly recommended to me as a coach for writing a tourism award submission. I knew Kayleen from previous tourism industry networking functions and she had always impressed me with her articulation and grasp of industry issues., so I engaged Kayleen to overview my submission. We arranged a site visit to familiarize Kayleen with our attraction, Capricorn Caves to be followed the next day with an overview of the business with our key staff members. Kayleen was incisive, articulate and pertinent. She demonstrated an in-depth grasp of our business; its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. She engaged the staff and led interactive discussions on our brand that has contributed to their understanding and desire to seize every growth opportunity. Kayleen was both professional, brilliantly engaging and energized. As a result of Kayleen’s coaching we look forward to a period of growth, innovation and appreciation of our brand and values and most importantly working on our business and not in the business. I look forward to on-going work with Kayleen on the tourism award submission. I appreciate her intuitive understanding of our business and infectious enthusiasm to succeed. I would unreservedly recommend Kayleen to any business for coaching or mentoring engagement.” 

Ann Augusteyn, Owner, Capricorn Caves, Rockhampton